Blood Tells

Sometime in the early 90's, while leafing through a copy of The Encyclopedia of The Horse, we came across a picture of an AMERICAN Shetland. It was love at first sight! For a number of years we had raised a few grade ponies for our own pleasure and while we thought that they were beautiful, from the moment we discovered the AMERICAN Shetland, we were obsessed to own one.

Looking at Round Valley from the northeast. Covelo, CAIn 1996 we found the pony we were looking for: Sandman Cody's Cinnamon N.T.A. We bought Cinnamon in foal to the Hall of Fame, and now Superior Sire, Scotch Label, with the idea of raising a few registered AMERICAN Shetland ponies. Before we knew it, we had a filly, Cinnamon's Cayenne Label, winning Championships in the show ring and on her way to the Halter Hall of Fame; three brood mares bred back to Scotch Label and two more Scotch Label foals on the ground. That year, 1998, STEP-N-STONE AMERICAN SHETLANDS came into being.

We raise predominately pintos and they are double-registered with the American Pinto Association. Size is between 43-45". Our major bloodlines go back to Scotch Label, Ramble Ridge Rocket and Georgetown's Tom Cat, but the backbone of herd traces to the legendary Colonel Cody via Silver Mane's Pierre Cody.

We have had phenomenal success with our Cody-bred mares.  Most of our early wins in the show ring came from their foals and we have found the Silver Mane's Pierre Cody bloodline gives a refinement, a certain elegance and a 'look' not found in many other lines.  And that first mare we bought?   Cinnamon, with many crosses to Silver Mane's Pierre Cody on her pedigree?  Her daughter, Step-N-Stone's Cinnamon Paprika finished to the Halter Hall of Fame in 2003 making Cinnamon a Superior Dam and proving the old adage that 'blood tells.' 

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  • Bloodline Notes dedicated to preserving information and bloodlines about some of the best ponies.

  • Sold Page congratulations to the new owners of some of our wonderful Step-N-Stone ponies.

Step-N-Stone's Midnight Star


Step-N-Stone breeds American Shetland Ponies. We selectively breed for pinto color, conformation and temperament. We stand several accomplished stallions including Step-N-Stone's Label Me A Hotshot, Double Stuf, Sandman Cody's Sandstorm N.T.A., Step-N-Stone's Fancy Russet Roulette and Step-N-Stone's Midnight Star. Step to the Stallions Page for pictures and pedigrees.

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While we mostly offer our weanlings for sale, we occasionally also have older stock for sale. Your inquiry is invited. There are many great yearlings, two year olds and show horses from which to choose. Visit our Sale Page for photos and information.

Feel free to contact us via email mendocinoponylady@willitsonline.com or just call us at (707) 983-8482 for a chat.

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